Aporta 16 brings to our clients more than 15 years experience in the food market.
We have the know-how acquired in production equipment, food packaging, food preservation and management of food safety therefore can offer a full service portfolio.
The food industry, from small to medium size companies, craft business, restaurants, catering companies to hotels and food retailers can use our knowledge and experience to meet current regulations, implement systems or outsource operations to improve their competitiveness.



Food handlers
Handlers high-risk
Food Safety for managers.
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)
Training granted for food manufacturers , artisans , hotels, restaurants, caterers , camping , rural tourism , retailers and grocery stores
Specific training plans


Sanitary Registration
Sanitary Permits
Export Certificates
Resolution administrative records
Food Alerts



General Hygiene Plans
HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)


Approval of providers
Internal audits
Pre-auditory Certification


Shelf life of food products
Food Labelling (general nutrition, special foods)
Design facilities for food production
Machinery and equipment for production, storage and distribution of food
Technology Solutions
Techniques of vacuum and modified atmospheres (MAP)
Pasteurization, sterilization, HPP
Product sheets
Representation in front of clients or administration
Montse Frigola holds a degree in Veterinary Science and Food Technology.
She is a Food Safety and Hygiene expert and is at the head of Aporta 16 in collaboration with renowned professionals in the food sector.

Specific Currículum of Montse Frigola
Education and teaching
Professional experience
See Professional Experience EDUCATION.

BSc Veterinary Science, specializing in Food Technology. Autonomous University of Barcelona (U.A.B)
MBA Executive Master Business Administration. School of Business Administration, Barcelona (EAE). BCN.


• Meat Technology Centre. CTC (IRTA).
• Basque Institute Basque Fishing Institute. AZTI (CSIC).
• University of Barcelona. U.A.B.
• University of Burgos. UBU.
• La Rioja Technology Center CTR.
• Technical Packaging, Transportation and Logistics Institute. ITENE.
• 2nd World Ham Congress. University of Cáceres.
• III International Course on Meat Products Technology. CTC (IRTA).
• I Food Security Master. Universidad Complutense. Madrid.
• II Food Security Master. Universidad Complutense. Madrid.
• V International Course on Meat Products Technology. CTC (IRTA).
• III Food Security Master .Universidad Complutense. Madrid.
• IV World Cured Ham Congress. Palacio de Congresos. Salamanca.
• VI International Course on Meat Products Technology. CTC (IRTA).
• Meat Packaging and Meat Products course in MAP. ITACYL. Instituto Tecnologico Agrario de Castilla y León.
See Education and Teaching PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Since 2008 APORTA16. Pals.
Freelance consultancy firm and tailor made training for the food industry

1999 Sealed Air Cryovac. Barcelona.
Multinational worldwide leader in equipment and materials for food packaging and food preservation.
Position: Department of development and support for the introduction of new packaging technologies and applications to the food industry. Extension of Packaging Technical Center (PTC), research and development center, located in Milan.
Responsible for innovation and business support network in Spain and Portugal.

1995 EMO. Barcelona.
A leading company in Spain importing equipment for the food industry.
Position: Responsible for the technology department within the production equipment division.
Product and sales manager for Spain and Portugal for three multinational equipment manufacturers.

1992 FIBOSA GRUP, SA Girona.
Manufacturer of machinery, equipment and complete turnkey solutions for the food industry.
Position: Head of the Know-How Department for the manufacture of dairy and meat products.
Areas covered: CIS (Russia), Spain and Portugal.
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